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Decoding Drug Development Phases

In some practices, particularly those affiliated with academic institutions, nurse practitioners have the opportunity to offer participation in clinical trials as a treatment recourse to patients. These NPs serve as an intermediary between researchers and patients monitoring treatment progress, side effects and outcomes. In other instances, as a nurse practitioner you may recommend participation in a clinical trial to a patient who has few other options. Whatever the extent of your interaction with the pharmaceutical industry and research, background knowledge about how drugs are developed is in order. 

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Medical News NPs Can Use 9.13.15

Happy Sunday! How is your weekend going? I have been enjoying downtime with family and friends and catching up on some much needed sleep. Until tonight's overnight ER shift, that is. Fall it seems is here and with these crisp mornings followed by warm, sunny afternoons I can't help but be in a good mood on this laid back Sunday. If you're in the market for some lazy Sunday afternoon reading, check out this week's medical news nurse practitioners can use. 

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One Way a Trump Win Would Affect Nurse Practitioners

Whether you think it's time for the American people to deliver Trump his signature "You're Fired" line when it comes to his presidential candidacy or not, you have to admit, his preliminary run for the White House is entertaining. Love for the spectacle even crosses party lines. Mention of a Trump presidential run cracks some sort of a smile on the faces of most Democrats and Republicans alike. It even proves to be a pretty safe conversation starter at cocktail parties. So, I couldn't resist jumping on the Trump-hype bandwagon today as well. 

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Healthcare Hackers: Patient Information on the Black Market

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of grabbing burgers for dinner with my husband and one of his friends. This particular friend happens to be a. hilarious and b. work for a major hospital system (the two are not mutually exclusive contrary to popular belief). So, as a group we got along fabulously. While my husband's newest pal is employed in healthcare, he functions behind the scenes rather than directly with patients. Yes, he is the dreaded IT guy. 

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What NPs Need to Know About Dietary Supplements for Improved Health Function

By MidlevelU Contributor and Nurse Practitioner Student Justin Groce

As people seek alternative methods for improving their health, the implementation of dietary supplements into daily regimens becomes more commonplace. However, many supplements are bogus and are merely supported by the "Oz effect" (which is a legitimate phenomenon, by the way). 

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Oh Baby! FDA Issues New Pregnancy Drug Labeling System

Do you prescribe category C medications to pregnant women? These medications fall into that frustrating grey area where sometimes the medication may be a safe option for pregnant women and other times it may not be the best choice. Not to mention, it can be difficult to find relevant information on a medication's safety status when it comes to breastfeeding and fertility. So, the FDA is taking action to change this age-old lettering classification system.

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Meet the 30 Year-Old Billionaire Revolutionizing the Lab Test

It seems like there are about a million companies attempting to provide value to  healthcare. Some companies offer solutions in managing personal health status, others develop new drugs, and most market money saving opportunities. Many of these companies incite small waves of change, but few succeed in completely revolutionizing the industry. 

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Your Questions Answered

Is anyone else confused about health insurance this year? There's Medicare and Obamacare and possibly an employer's plan to consider. The health insurance world was perplexing before healthcare reform, and now it's even more so. The Affordable Care Act requires that Americans carry health insurance this year and the time to sign up is now. 

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What Nurse Practitioners Need to Know About New Hydrocodone Rules

Last month, a new ruling from the DEA regarding hydrocodone went into effect. So, this month, when your patients present for refills of their pain medications, they will likely have questions. In some states, the new regulations may even impact nurse practitioner's ability to prescribe these medications. 

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Is Your Hospital Prepared to Treat Ebola? Weigh In!

While Ebola has yet to spread within the United States, one nurse in Spain has contracted the deadly disease. And, she only entered the patient's room twice. Placating fears about the virus, the CDC says U.S. hospitals are prepared for the problem and that any hospital can adequately treat and contain the virus. Nurses, however disagree. Today, I discussed my thoughts about the situation with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel. I would love to get your opinions as well.

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Answering Your Patient's Questions About Ebola

As if the pictures of the deadly disease ominously referred to as hemorrhagic fever aren't enough, Ebola has made its way into the United States. For those of you living in a cave that haven't seen the headlines splashed across your TV screen, yes, the first case of the deadly virus has been diagnosed in the United States. Understandably, people are concerned. Will the virus spread?

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Does Gender Make the Nurse? A Look at Mursing

By MidlevelU Intern and Healthcare Administrator in Training Stephanie Bauer

Did you know that at one time only men were nurses, not women? Documentation dating back to 250 B.C. shows there was an established nursing school in India that was exclusively for, you guessed it, men. Women were not allowed to attend. At that time, it was believed women were not as pure as men. 

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