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Case Study of the Week: Psoriasis

For those of you who are not aware, August is Psoriasis Awareness month.  Psoriasis affects not only an individual's appearance but also their overall health and emotional well-being.  1-2% of the U.S.

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How to Drain an Abscess

In lieu of the traditional case study of the week, this week I will highlight a procedure.  If you are a family nurse practitioner, chances are you have drained many abscesses.  If you are an NP student or work in a specialized clinic, you may not yet have experience with this procedure.  It can be very difficult to learn pr

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Case Study of the Week: Frostbite

My husband and I made the trek (OK, we didn't actually "trek" but it was a really long flight) to Alaska this summer with his family.  During our time in the remote Glacier Bay, I couldn't help thinking about about all of the medical conditions such an environment can propagate.

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Case Study: Bordatella Pertussis

Case Summary A 6 week old male infant presents to the pediatrician with a 10 day history of coughing, turning red, choking spells and gasping for breath.  He has had vomiting associated with these choking spells for the past two days.  The infant's mother reports it feels like he has a fever but she has not checked his temperature.  

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New Feature! Case Study of the Week


We are happy to announce we will now be presenting a unique case study each week for your review.  We will try to integrate case studies with current health issues and epidemics that you may encounter in your own practice as a nurse practitioner... and we may just include some really weird medical conditions.  Check out this week's case study discussing the current bordatella pertussis epidemic- you may be seeing it in your practice soon.

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