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Valentine's Cards for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this excuse to eat chocolate is getting you out of the mid-week slump. My husband and I have decided that we're tired of elbowing our way through crowded restaurants to celebrate the holiday, so we're cooking in. What are you up to? If you could use a little advanced practice humor to get you through the work day, check out these Valentine's cards perfect for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. 

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6 Primary Care Podcasts for Nurse Practitioners On-the-Go

How do you use your downtime? As a nurse practitioner, even with eight years of experience, I often feel that I still have so much to learn. One of the great (but challenging) things about the medical profession is that healthcare is constantly evolving and changing. To help keep up to date with the latest in clinical practice, I often turn to podcasts. These audio education series are the perfect way to put downtime in the car to use and pay off in my practice. 

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Are You as Healthy as You Tell Your Patients to Be?

Yesterday, I listened to a motivational interviewing expert present on smoking cessation. She was passionate about her career, an obvious recipe for success. While I'm not a smoker, the topic got me thinking about the advice we give to our patients. Am I practicing what I preach?

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8 Tips to Save Nurse Practitioners from Job Search Disaster

Do you ever worry that the company currently employing you as a nurse practitioner will discover you're looking for a new job? Believe it or not, having a job while looking for another really is an ideal situation. Current employment makes you a more attractive nurse practitioner candidate as it shows to prospective employers that you are hireable and in demand; whereas searching for jobs as an unemployed NP raises questions for potential employers and puts you on the defense as to why you’re not currently in the workforce. 

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I Resolved to Leave Work On Time...

…This is what I did to make it happen 

As a nurse practitioner who has worked in primary care, urgent care and emergency department settings, I can say there are a few challenges common to NPs across the board. Leaving work on time is one of them. Packed schedules have us scrambling from patient to patient with little time left for charting, reviewing lab results, and responding to questions. So, we tack these duties on to the end of our clinical day or bring them home with us. 

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4 Outside-the-Box Job Opportunities for NPs & PAs

Are you growing tired of the same old workday? Do you feel stuck in your nurse practitioner or physician assistant career? Perhaps you've been working in the same clinical setting for a long period of time and your brain is permanently on autopilot. Or, maybe your schedule no longer fits with the needs of your family. Whatever the reason, there comes a time in our lives as NPs and PAs when we need to move on. Fortunately, for healthcare providers there are some exciting and unique opportunities available. Start thinking outside the box when it comes to your next position with opportunities like these. 

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When to Apply for Nurse Practitioner Residency

If you haven't heard about MidlevelU's residency-like program for new nurse practitioners, you can think of the program a bit like Teach for America. Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) matches new grad NPs with facilities working with medically underserved communities across the country. MMU sites agree to be a supportive learning environment for nurse practitioners looking to kick off their careers. A continuing education component rounds out the experience with weekly didactic sessions. Essentially, MMU allows you a smooth transition from education to practice...with purpose! 

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4 Questions to Ask About Your Nurse Practitioner Relocation Package

New beginnings are an exciting and stressful time. Fortunately, for nurse practitioners at such junctures, relocating for a job, employers often help mitigate this stress by providing financial assistance with moving expenses. This moving allowance and the terms of its receipt will be outlined in your employment agreement. Before signing on the dotted line, ask yourself these questions about your relocation package. 

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10 Best Stethoscopes Under $100

Finding the right stethoscope as a nurse practitioner can be a bit tricky. While you want something that provides good overall auscultation to ensure accuracy in examining and assessing your patients, it also should be durable and provide comfortable fit for long days on the job. Fortunately, investing in a great stethoscope doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are our top pick for the 10 best stethoscopes under $100. 

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Even More(!) Reasons to Seek Legal Review of an Employment Agreement

By Guest Contributor Leigh Ann O'Neill for Lauth O'Neill Physician Agency

If you're a nurse practitioner or physician assistant considering a job offer, you've got a lot to consider. This week here at MidlevelU, we've been looking at various considerations for NPs and PAs when it comes to employment agreements (check out Part I and Part II of the trifecta). Our ultimate conclusion? Asking legal counsel to look over your agreement is well worth the time and expense. Here are the final of our Top 10 Reasons Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Should Seek Assistance Reviewing an Employment Agreement

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3 More Reasons NPs & PAs Should Seek Expert Review of Employment Agreements

By Guest Contributor Leigh Ann O'Neill for Lauth O'Neill Physician Agency

This week on MidlevelU, we're featuring the top reasons nurse practitioners and physician assistants would be wise to have a set of legal eyes look over an employment contract before signing on the dotted line. If you missed the opening post in our series, Top 10 Reasons NPs & PAs Should Seek Legal Review of Employment Agreements from our employment contract review expert, you can find it here

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What Will it Cost to Relocate for Your Nurse Practitioner Job?

Relocating for a nurse practitioner job is an exciting endeavor. Perhaps you are moving to unchartered territory, enthusiastic to meet new people and experience another area of the country. Or, maybe you’re heading back home, the comfort of close friends and family motivating your move. Whatever the circumstances, if you’re relocating for a new nurse practitioner position, there’s a lot to consider as you make your move. 

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