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Registration is Open! Emergencies in Primary Care CE Conference

Your ticket to MidlevelU's continuing education conference for NPs & PAs

We are so, so, so excited here at MidlevelU HQ today. Yes, it is Friday. But that's not the reason. Rather, we've officially opened registration to our first ever, live continuing education conference. Yes, that's right, this coming March you can connect with MidlevelU in-person, not to mention master helpful content about acute and emergent problems nurse practitioners and physician assistants encounter in the primary care and outpatient settings. 

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Employee vs. Contractor - What's the Difference for NPs?

By Ben Nanney, CPA and CFP®

There are many things to consider when deciding on a new nurse practitioner job-location, work culture, and schedule requirements, for starters. And another important consideration for most all of us is-money! When it comes to money, understanding the difference between being a nurse practitioner paid as an employee versus an independent contractor (IC) is critical.

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Where are Physician Assistant Salaries Decreasing?

Over the past several weeks here on MidlevelU, we've been looking at the latest salary trends for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Depending on the location where you practice, compensation can vary significantly if you're an NP or PA. Cost of living, the job market and scope of practice laws in your state are just a few of the factors affecting pay. Last week we checked out states where physician assistant salaries have increased more than $10K. But, where is compensation for PAs decreasing?

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How to Build Your Nurse Practitioner Professional Network

For nurse practitioners, building a professional network can seem insignificant. As a matter of fact, you may even believe you dodged the networking bullet by choosing a profession in healthcare. Business lunches and happy hour mixers - who has time for those?! However professional networking shouldn’t be overlooked by NPs who value their careers and have aspirations to continue advancing in their profession. 

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Do Nurse Practitioners Really Need a DEA Number?

If you’re a new grad nurse practitioner, you’re probably pretty tired of the paperwork that follows graduation. Not only have you studied for, taken and passed your certification exam, you’ve applied for your sate license to practice and may be going through the credentialing process for a new employer which means, yes, more paperwork. Not to mention, applying for a state license and waiting for your new job to start can be costly. Fed up with the licensing process and short on cash, nurse practitioners often ask me if they really need to apply for a DEA number. 

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Salaries for Physician Assistants Increased More than $10K in These States

Its widely established that physician assistants have a pretty good gig. The profession, for example, has been featured on well known ranking sites like U.S. News. While salaries for PAs are solid at the national level, some states stand out as being more favorable environments for physician assistants to practice. 

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It's Here! Introducing the 2018 MMU Residency Application

We've received a lot of requests over the past few weeks for the 2018 Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) application. We are thrilled to announce that the application is officially here! If you're interested in this residency-like program for nurse practitioners and physician assistants, here are a few more details. 

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Nurse Practitioners in These States Just Got Major Raises

Nurse practitioners are enjoying positive momentum in the healthcare job market these days. It seems that every time I tell someone I’m an NP, they respond with a smile and an “Oh yeah, I just saw a nurse practitioner at…, It was great!”. Increasing recognition of our profession among patients, growing employment of NPs by healthcare facilities, and more permissive scope of practice regulations passed by lawmakers all contribute to the positives of life as a nurse practitioner in our current healthcare landscape. Not to mention, with these trends, NP salaries are naturally on the rise

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Back to School Supplies for NPs that Will Make You Laugh

It’s that time a year again! Whether you’re starting the first year of your nurse practitioner program or your last, chances are that you’ve already been bombarded on all fronts with reminders to buy your back to school supplies. Afterall, nothing screams new school year like a package of freshly sharpened pencils, am I right? Regardless of if you’re excited for the start of a new semester or not, these fun twists on back to school supplies will definitely make you laugh.

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5 Reasons You Didn't Get the NP Raise You Asked For

Asking for a raise can be an uncomfortable conversation to have. But, if you're a nurse practitioner who thinks you deserve more, taking the initiative to ask is the first step if you truly want to see more dollar signs on your paycheck. So if you’ve bitten the bullet and managed to get through the undoubtedly awkward meeting with your boss, kudos to you! Unfortunately though, no matter how well deserving you thought you were of a raise, your boss may have responded with a resounding "no". 

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Nurse Practitioner Salaries are Decreasing in These Two States

Year over year, nurse practitioners have enjoyed gains when it comes to compensation. In some cases, these salary increases have been quite significant. Between 2015 and 2016, for example, the average salary rose more than $20,000 dollars for nurse practitioners practicing in Wyoming. Statewide data certainly doesn’t represent reality for each NP individually (so don’t fret if you haven’t received a raise recently), but can give us a valuable glimpse into professional trends. 

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How to Actually Get Hired from a Nurse Practitioner Job Board

Searching for a nurse practitioner job might feel as though you’ve taken on a PRN position in addition to your current work; it can be that time consuming. Although many NPs rely on job boards to assist in their quest for a new opportunity, it’s been debated as to whether or not job boards are not a good way to get hired. The huge volume of applications that are received in response to one single posting can leave you to wonder, is getting hired from a posting off a job board even possible or does your resume just get sent into a black hole?

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