What is a Rust Ring and How Do You Remove It?

Have I mentioned before that I hate treating ophthalmology problems? Well, that and testicular diagnoses. In each case, the patient only has two of the particular body part and the stakes are, needless to say, high when it comes to getting the right diagnosis. Diagnosing and treating eye related problems doesn't give me quite the amount of anxiety it once did now that I am more seasoned in my practice. So, I do enjoy treating the occasional ocular foreign body- as long as I can successfully remove it, that is. 

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18 NP Student Stereotypes: Which One are You?

It seems like no matter where and when you go to school and how old you are or how advanced your degree, somehow the students are all the same. There's always an over-sharer, a confrontationist, and a know-it-all. You know the type. 

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Why U.S. News Chose Nurse Practitioners Over Physicians

I'm a sucker for a good 'Top 10' or 'Top 100' or 'Best of ...' list. That's why every year when U.S. News releases it's best jobs list, I indulge in scanning through the publication's picks for the top careers of the year. You can imagine my delight when I didn't have to scroll far to find nurse practitioner listed as number 2 on the recently released list of 2015's 100 best jobs. 

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This Etsy Shop Helps Nursing Students Study Pharmacology

By Nursing Student and Future NP Olivia DeFilippo

Pharmacology requires constant attention and hard work. You use acronyms, stories and pictures to help memorize drug information. Being a visual learner, I personally have spent countless hours making color-coded charts to learn the similarities and differences of each drug class. 

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Kitchen Hacks for Busy Nursing and NP Students

By Nurse Practitioner Student and Personal Trainer Justin Groce

I'm in nursing school so I get it. Instead of making dinner every night you'd much rather be using that free hour to study or actually do something you enjoy-like...crafting flashcards. So, as a nurse practitioner student myself I've come up with a few strategies to expedite my (healthy!) meal preparation for the week. 

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